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One-Page Responsive Design utilizes a one-page responsive design. This technique creates a simple yet functional page layout that is easy to navigate. The elements of the site are proportional to the users viewport, meaning that the width and height of the display being used to view the site are conditionally applied to calculate the size of text, images, and spacing.


Responsive & Custom Typography

As you can see in the images below, text becomes increasingly difficult to read as the width of the screen decreases.  1REALTOUR works with the best Graphic Designers to create high-quality, unique websites. Many sites online use default fonts that don’t convey the brand’s image on the web. 1REALTOUR knows that typography is paramount to web design. All 1REALTOUR sites use high-quality CSS @font-face, encoded in base64 with fallback to render on any device. An important part of web design, both for accessibility and Google SEO validation is making sure that text is readable and not too small. Here, 1REALTOUR maintains the look and feel of the two column design, while thoughtfully enlarging text and spacing between lines and shrinking images and white space.

Custom Menu Design

A unique menu design integrates the social network icons as viewable and clickable elements embedded within the navigation bar. The flyout, off-canvas menu utilized unique fonts and stylized response.


The unique one-page design allows for the menu links to correlate with defined locations on the page.

Mobile Site 10

Desktop Site

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