Marble Express of San Diego’s website design was inspired by the product that Sivan Shemtov and her team curate for customers. The unique website style was influenced by the gorgeous piece of stone that you see as soon as you land on the homepage. This gorgeous stone called Amazonite, is exotic, and so is the site.

1REALTOUR wanted to capture the unique highlights and textures of all the stones and slabs available at Marble Express. To do this, the theme of the website was created using luxurious gradients and colors and unique custom typography that simulated the style of the stones. The site has a traditional design with a menu at the top that leads you to the extensive collection of photo galleries highlighting the many categories of Natural Stone and exotic slabs sold at Marble Express. Each of these galleries has a gorgeous layout with descriptions and smooth animations that fill the screen and make it so that you are looking at the stone as if you were in person.

One of the customized design elements is the full-width presentation that spans the site to highlight the categories of stone offers. When hovering, gorgeous stylized descriptions delight the viewer and entice them to view the galleries. 2
Hover Homepage Marble Express San Diego Sandiego.Marbleexpress.Com

The customer service offered at Marble Express is unrivaled. They have an amazing amount of five-star reviews across many platforms, so that is why 1REALTOUR included these reviews directly on the homepage so that potential clients could see just exactly what sets Marble Express apart from their competition. Marble Express is also very active on Instagram and so to connect directly with their clients 1REALTOUR included the feed of their Instagram on their homepage. live up to the minute ratings are instantly updated on the site from multiple review sites highlighting their excellent customer service achievements. 3
Instagram Homepage Marble Express San Diego Sandiego.Marbleexpress.Com 4
Reviews Homepage Marble Express San Diego Sandiego.Marbleexpress.Com

Local SEO and schema and structured data were added to the site to make it easier for potential customers to find their business. We also included updates to their Google my business listing and highlighted the products that are sold at Marble Express.

Many optimizations redundant this site to make it as smooth and responsive as possible. This includes a responsive design that looks great on mobile and desktop. Unique versions of the page and galleries are rendered depending upon the screen size of the viewer.

The blog includes the latest press releases in a unique flow of the 3D design. also to make sure that clients could find their business, we added a significant contact page with email form contact and instant click to dial.

To add a layer of clarity and boldness to the site, all existing company brand logos were rebuilt using the latest vector designs and rendered clearly on the website without distortion. Unique favicons and logo size and shape variants are included throughout this site. 5 6

Unique Favicons For Mobile Devices and Social Networks 7

Apple Touch Icon 114×114 1 8

Apple Touch Icon 76×76 Precomposed 9

Apple Touch Icon 76×76 1 10

Apple Touch Icon 72×72 Precomposed 11

Apple Touch Icon 72×72 1 12

Apple Touch Icon 60×60 Precomposed

Site Highlights & Features

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