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San Diego, CA 3 is a home construction and remodeling website that 1REALTOUR refreshed. We started by organizing the menu and design in a more cohesive way to separate the intent of the visitor. Without completely rebuilding the site from scratch, we were able to fix bugs and coding errors. We also removed many unnecessary plug-ins and fixed issues with redirects that were causing lost SEO traffic and ranking.

Home Lumina Builders 1 Home Renovations and Remodels San Diego


BEFORE Lumina Builders Inc


The first step in revitalizing and updating the site was the use of clear and modern typography with fluid scaling through CSS viewports. Next, we upgraded all logos and icons by converting to vector images, including having Lumina Builders logo rebuilt from scratch by a professional graphic designer. We updated the code on the site to deliver high resolution images, but rendered them in modern webp format on compatible browsers, and introduced the use of a CDN (content delivery network) that automatically scales and sizes the images based on the browser screen size.

Look & Feel Improvements


Left: New Site Favicon | Right: Old Blurry Favicon

lumina collapse menu

Collapsible & Sticky Menu

Lumina Builders 1 Home Renovations and Remodels San Diego

Gorgeous Modern Typography

SEO Improvements

As a local business, it is crucial that customers are able to find your accurate business information. 1REALTOUR provides all clients with comprehensive local SEO & NAP, on-page SEO, and SERP optimization that works. The best way to have your business found is to have accurate, up-to-date information across all providers.

1REALTOUR will make sure that your sitelinks, local listings, and rich schema snippets are configured to bring you the highest visibility on the web.

search results

Sitelinks in SERP

rich snippets

Rich Snippet & Schema

Mobile Improvements

A New Era of Design

Over 70% of the traffic that Lumina Builders sees to their site is from users on a mobile device. While most website designs today are built using some form of responsive CSS, the result doesn’t always compliment the design of the full desktop web experience. Every second that a visitor spends waiting for your site to load, impacts your ability to capture their attention, and show off your company. This is where AMP (Acceleration Mobile Pages) comes in to solve these issues.

Using a standardized platform of tools, AMP pages are meant to load lightning fast, hence the project’s logo. This Google-backed program has many advantages (and some disadvantages) over a typical mobile responsive design. One major advantage is that sites coded in AMP are directly cached by Google servers and preloaded on search results pages. This means that the page loads instantly, never having to ping your server, it is loaded directly from cache on fast servers around the world on search result pages.

Read more about 1REALTOUR’s AMP project design and see how it positively impacted Lumina Builders in their marketing efforts.

ampproject official


Mobile Before Bathroom Remodel – Lumina Builders Inc

BEFORE – Mobile Menu

· Too Small Icons & Text

· Hard To Use Scrollbars & Dropdowns



· Mobile First Design · Clean & Easy to Read

· Lightning Fast

Adding an AMP presentation of your website can help your business. Hit the “Request a Proposal” button on this page and let us accelerate your mobile website.
ampproject official
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