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1REALTOUR is thrilled to announce the completion of an amazing new blog at

1REALTOUR is about solving problems for clients and creating real solutions #1. Our client, TAWDDESIGN, has been comfortably posting to his blog for years through the Blogger/Blogspot platform. For those of you that have not heard of Blogger, it is a Google-owned product that has been around in some form since 1999! It originally allowed users to host their blogs on private servers, but later forced clients to migrate their blogs to Google servers. It has been through several redesigns and has a relatively easy (albeit limited) interface for bloggers to create blog content.

It was this simple interface that made the idea of switching to a different platform a no-go for TAWDDESIGN. However, anyone that has seen his beautiful website, knows that his Blogger site was not representative of the brand. That’s where 1REALTOUR comes in with solutions.

To start, 1REALTOUR used the Blogger v3 API through Google Cloud Console to link Blogger to WordPress. Next, we built custom templates for the posts (single.php), timeline, archive (archive.php), and date (date.php). We created sync between the two sites and imported all of the existing blog posts, maintaining the original dates of the posts.

To make sure that no SEO value was lost, we created a redirect from Blogger that automatically matched the old posts to the new posts and added canonical references in the Blogger site to reference the new location. We also updated the URL structure of the posts from the boring date format of Blogger{title}.

This setup allows for the client to still use the interface they are comfortable with at Blogger, but have their new posts still auto-publish on their new website.

The blog uses beautiful typography throughout. The page designs are 100% custom, clean, and easy to read on every screen. The post list includes a unique post title drop-down widget and each post has pagination with thumbnail support. The design of the pages is completely stripped of residual Blogger HTML, and all the low-res thumbnails from Blogger have been removed and regenerated with high-quality webp and jpg lossless images from the original source file. The blog offers over 10 different image sizes to make the loading times fast and fit each device up to 4x Retina display resolution.

The post feed page is uniquely branded with a custom sticky title bar that is only visible on post feed pages, yet maintains the original look of the website.

See the beautiful transformation and read the unique, quintessential blog at or enter through the blog page at


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KISSMYTYPEFACE Sticky Header mobile





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